Sula Artist in Residence is an artist residence program in the island of Sula,
one of the most western islands in the county of Sør-Trøndelag in Norway.

The residency is run by the foundation Sula Fyr in cooperation with
Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV), a studio and workshops house for
professional artists in Trondheim (www.lkv.no).
LKV has an international residency program and give
all guest artists the opportunity of spending some time at Sula.

Residents are hosted in the recently renovated lighthouse-keepers building,
a fully furnished and spacious two apartment house overlooking
Sula and the surrounding islands. Situated by the historical landmark
of Sula’s lighthouse, the building has one of the most privileged locations in the area.

Sula used to be a thriving fishing community.
Today, the natural and cultural environment of the island is still palpable,
giving a sense of equanimity and tranquility to its visitors.
The island also hosts several outdoor possibilities. There are boat
and water sports equipment rentals which makes it possible to practice
kayaking around the islands or going in sea excursions. Visitors also have the possibility
of signing up for guided fishing tours with local fishermen (for more information about Sula,
see visitsula.no).